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October 7, 2009


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Mission Statement

Support families social, emotional, and behavioral needs.


Why Synergy

Individuals and families struggle with disabilities that affect mental and physical well being, cognitive functioning, and processing of the sensory world around them. Synergy is here to offer respite from the daily battles and relief in the form of relaxation, physical activity, and therapy – all available under one incredible roof for all people, regardless of ability.  This is a multi-stage process and we are in stage 1A.
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The Story of Starfish

A classic story about the power each of us has to make a difference in the lives of others. We are here for each other, and should seek to help, even in small ways, whenever we can.
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Programs and testimonials – Get Connected!

Summer was SENSATIONAL!!

Summer 2011 was absolutely AMAZING for students, seniors, and staff. We thank you for your support and look forward to next year.

This fall Synergy and Sensations have a goal of organizing programs and social opportunities almost every day of the week.  Starting the last week in September we will have something two out of four weekends and three days a week.  Within a month we will have after school programs in some school districts and a multi generational social opportunity for kids 8-95 in several towns.  If you would like an after school program in your school – ask your building administrator to call us.  If you would like a multi-generational program in your town, ask your special education coordinator to call us.

Parents are talking and we are listening loud and clear.  Among the many kind words, here is what one parent had to say – “Thanks for helping us make lemonade out of lemons today.  Jack had a blast!!!!” read more

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Programs and Social Opportunities

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Synergy Center has proudly adopted the Life Is Good Playmaker Approach

star.png Synergy Center continues to adjust focus to adapt to what families are able to support.  Will we build a therapeutic activity center yes!  Will it look like we originally thought?  NO.  Continue to check with us for where we will build this cutting edge therapeutic activity center and what it will look like.  In the meantime follow us on Facebook.
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